OCDTrekkie Hosting Services

I provide powerful, affordable hosting for people who don't want to get taken by the many scams and tricks of the hosting industry. My name is Jacob Weisz, I go by OCDTrekkie online, and I have a fair bit of spare hosting space.

It's really bothered me to see people overpay for hosting without the experience to know what they're getting, and get stuck in traps where they don't have ownership of their own domain name, and later get trapped when they try to leave their host. I'm willing to provide assistance and advice, as well as decent hosting, for a small fee to help offset the costs I have to pay my host. I promise that it'll beat the cost my host would charge for what you need, and if I feel you'd be better off getting hosting from someone else, I've got the experience to provide some great recommendations. I honestly care less about making money off hosting, than I do about not seeing people get screwed.

The cost of my hosting depends on your needs, send me an email, and I'll send you a quote. I tend to keep the 'limits' around what a site would ever actually hit, so limits may seem lower than other hosting plans, but I will automatically enlarge them if your site needs them. My goal isn't to have a hard limit, but to provide the best service I can.

Contact: ocdtrekkie@gmail.comWebsiteServer Directory